ContrôlePus v2,0

by Jean-Yves Proux
last update 24-May-2005

Freeware for MacOS X >= 10.2 (works on 10.3 and 10.4)

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This tool helps you to
To download the latest version, please click here

If you have problem with version 2.0, you can download version 1.5 here

This programme is freeware, you can use it freely. Use the software at your own risk.


24-may-2005 Version 2,0

17-November-2003 Version 1,5

10-October-2003 Version 1,4

30-September-2003 Version 1.3

7-August-2003 Version 1.2

6-August-2003 Version 1.1

10-July-2003 Version 0.1